Common facade problems

The house facade is the first thing which passers-by see. It serves not only an aesthetic function but also protects the house from mechanical infractions and allows it to breathe. But like everything in this world, it should be taken care of, if it is to last for many years. In the case of the facade, a lot of problems can be solved at the first step, when the facade material is being chosen.

Common facade problems and how to solve them 1

Firs and quite common facade problem is moss getting on facade. They tend to appear on facade when house is in quite shadow, closed or in densely planted place. To get rid off moss you can firstly by cleaning facade with anti-moss liquid and then by cleaning it with high pressure water flow. To reduce possibility for moss to appear is possible by choosing facade material which is less electrostatic and has less pores. Such materials do not pull dust and moss do not grow on them.

Common facade problems and how to solve them 2

A second facade problem could be fading. This problem can only be solved by regularly repainting the facade. If the house the owner wants to avoid repainting every year, only quality materials should be chosen at the beginning . The bigger the color warranty given by the producer, the bigger the possibility that the facade color will last longer.

Common facade problems and how to solve them 3

Mechanicals infractions are quite common facade problems, especially in houses where small children live. It can be just a small accident during play with a ball, but that crack in the facade can stay forever. For this reason, before buying a particular facade material, it is worth considering whether that particular one is resistant to mechanical infractions and if not, whether it is difficult to repair.

The final problem is flammability. This problem is not common but before choosing a facade material it is worth remembering that highly flammable materials will burn much faster than non-flammable materials. The facade's function is to protect, so help to protect yourself with high quality materials. You cannot save money at the expense of a life.

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