Eternit Villa

"Eternit Villa" are modern Profile 5 sheets. The edges of the sheets are pre-cut (both coated and uncoated sheets) and the necessary holes (coated sheets only) are drilled at the factory. Therefore, the process of roofing with these sheets is much quicker and the probability of making mistakes is smaller. Eternit Villa sheets comply with all major Western European standards. The higher and wider bends create a more solid roof structure compared to the slate sheets used in the Soviet times. 

These sheets are especially popular for renovation and construction of private houses due to their fast and easy installation.

  • You do not need to choose between aesthetics and price – with this product you get a balanced solution;
  • This product is well known in the Baltic countries and it is one of the most popular sheets;
  • It is very easy to work with this product;
  • It is a modern roofing standard;
  • Full roof solution;
  • It is healthy for your house - no mold, no humidity;
  • It is timeless product.

Color size table