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The DACORA fibre cement roof slates with the curved cut is the classic for the traditional GERMAN PATTERN. It is equally suitable for new, typical regional buildings and historical restoration. Characteristic features of the GERMAN PATTERN are the optional smooth or slate texture surfaces and the left or right hand curved cut. Whether roof renovation or new construction: Roof slates with the curved cut provide many opportunities to design the entire building shell, including gable, dormer and chimney cladding in a consistent style. With different formats between 25 and 40 cm edge length, the GERMAN PATTERN can be harmoniously adjusted to the specific proportions of every roof. And the fastening under the overlapping roof slates remains hidden.

  • Traditional pattern
  • High-quality appearance
  • Minimum roof pitch from 25°
  • Fastening with slate nails
  • Fasteners invisible due to overlap

Color size table