Fiber cement vs. Plastic

There are a lot of people who choose plastic for facade. Usually that choice is impacted by price. But do you know about this material?

Fiber cement vs. plastic 1
Fiber cement vs. plastic 1

Plastic boards are produced from polyvinylchloride (PVC), it is a synthetic polymer. Because of its unnatural nature, this material is quite harmful because it expels dangerous substances to the environment which can cause cancer and other health disorders. It is not very healthy for the house itself because a house with a plastic facade is not able to "breathe" properly. Plastic is not resistant to cold and UV. It has static energy, for this reason it attracts dust . It is not resistant to mechanical infractions. And finally, plastic is a very flammable material.

Fiber cement vs. plastic 2
Fiber cement vs. plastic 2

The facade price should also consider health; for this reason we recommend choosing natural materials such as fiber cement. It is made only from natural materials. The producer gives a 30-yearswarranty. During that time your facade will not be impacted by the environment, mechanical infractions or fire.

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