Fiber cement vs. Wood

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking only of the price. Yes, price is important, but you should think not only of the initial investment but also of the maintenance of the facade. We will look not only at the prices of fiber cement and wood, but also at the advantages and disadvantages of both materials from the future perspective.

Fiber cement vs. wood 1
Fiber cement vs. wood 1

Let's discuss money. Yes, if you consider just the initial investment then fiber cement is the more expensive material. But the producer gives a 10-year warranty for color and 30 years for protective facade features. You put it up and forget it. While a wooden facade should be repainted every 3-5 years and probably changed after 10 years if is not coated with proper coatings. So, even after 10 years a wooden facade becomes much more expensive, even without considering the inconveniences caused by every construction – dust, noise, smell.

Fiber cement vs. wood 2
Fiber cement vs. wood 2

Both materials are quite easy to install - you can do it yourself. They are both aesthetic and natural materials. Wood is not resistant to mechanical infractions while fiber cement is. Moreover, a wooden facade is much more flammable than fiber cement. And finally, it is more sensitive to environmental impact: both the paint and wood can crack and are not resistant to water.

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