Reel price of the facade

Facade is not only facade cover material. It is also wooden or aluminum construction, isolation layer, profiles, fixing elements and one secret ingredient, which makes the hole price of facade.

Real price of the facade 1
Real price of the facade 1

Facade cover material accounts for about 30-40 % percent of the total facade price. Yes, it is quite big part, so the total price depends a lot on it. Other parts of the facade count pretty much the same. Your question is then, why do I need to buy more expensive materials, if there are cheaper ones. The first answer is quality. The price usually reflects quality and a cheaper solution will only serve you so long. The second answer is the warranty. Usually cheaper products have a shorter warranty or if they are not produced in the home country (or there is no local representative) it is almost impossible to request a warranty. And the final answer is under that secret ingredient.

Real price of the facade 2
Real price of the facade 2

And that secret ingredient is installation price. Different materials require different skills, so for some of the materials it could be difficult to find proper specialists. Secondly, some facade materials require very precise and qualitative work, so even the smallest mistake (and there is a very good chance of that happening) can cause you more problems and expenses. Finally, you cannot do it yourself and it is quite difficult to trust strangers. There are products, such as fiber cement boards, which you can install yourself and save money.

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