How to choose a good roof or facade installer?

How to choose a good roof or facade installer
How to choose a good roof or facade installer

  • First of all, try to find installers via your relatives, friends or neighbours. If they were happy with their services, then most likely you will be too.
  • Reputation is very important. If there are any doubts about an installer's reputation, you should consider other options.
  • It is said, that "one who knows everything really does not know anything." In the case of choosing an installer this rule also suits. Better to look for someone who specialises in one particular product or producer's products, because that person has more expertise in the field.
  • Always ask for recommendations or few addresses where that installer had worked. You can see how he is working and at the same time talk with his ex-employers.
  • Before starting to work discuss all conditions and terms - in the future it will be easier to discuss if anything will not be how agreed.


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