Common roof problems and how to solve them

The roof not only protects the house, it is also an aesthetic element of the house. But time and environment can be cruel and destroy it. For this reason, your roof should undergo yearly maintenance to ensure that it will have a long life. There are some common roof problems which can occur on the roof if no action is taken. So here is some advice on what the house owner can do to avoid these problems.

Common roof problems and how to solve them 1
Common roof problems and how to solve them 1

Different kinds of debris, such as fallen leaves, small branches or various splinters have a tendency to gather on the roof. They usually accumulate around the chimney, on the valley or on other roof corners. This debris prevents the rain water from draining. The extra humidity ruins the roof and little by little it it loses its integrity. To avoid this, it is recommended that you clear the debris at least once a year.

Every house owner wants to have a beautiful environment around the house and plant lots of trees. But it is recommended not to plant trees near the house, as otherwise the leaves and branches fall straight onto the roof and ruin it. If the trees are already there, it is recommended to trim any branches near the roof every year. Also, huge trees cast shadows which could provoke roof rotting.

Common roof problems and how to solve them 2
Common roof problems and how to solve them 2

Another common problem is cracks in the roof. Usually they appear in roof slope joints. They could be the result of mistakes made during installation. If you notice any cracks on your roof, you should isolate that place with special hydroisolative mastic. It will guarantee that water does not get into the roof construction.

Moreover, if roof elements were not installed properly, some elements can become loose due to changes in temperature allowing water to get into the roof construction. It is recommended to check the roof regularly for loose elements and to fix those that need fixing.

Common roof problems and how to solve them 2
Common roof problems and how to solve them 2

It is a golden rule that a roof will serve longer if there is a good rain drainage system installed . When rain water is able to drain from the roof , it does not gather on the roof and does not erode it. But as we said previously, debris gathers not only on the roof but also in the drainage system. So this system as well as the roof must be kept clear of debris This will help to ensure that the rain water will not does not damage the roof.

Finally, moss and other plants on the roof is a very common problem, especially in rural areas, where there is a lot of natural dust which gathers on the roof and provides a seedbed for moss. If moss starts to grow on the roof , it should first be cleaned with special anti-moss liquids and then cleaned with a power hose. It is recommended that this be done regularly so that the moss does not get a hold on the roof.


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