Creative freedom

Traditionally a facade used to be just one color and one material decorated part of the house. But architecture is becoming looser and not only horizontal and vertical lines are used in facades.

Creative freedom 1
Creative freedom 1

Equitone panels come in a maximum panel size of 1.25 x 3 m and can be transformed into any size or shape in the workshop or on site. No matter what design options you explore, the through-colored nature guarantees crisp, monolithic details. They provide you with creative freedom for your facade. Do not put yourself behind bars when creating your facade.

Creative freedom 2
Creative freedom 2

EQUITONE is a through-coloured facade material, characterized by a sanded surface and naturally occurring hues within the material. Every Equitone panel is unique, strongly expressing the raw texture of the core Eternit fiber cement material. Set your creativity free with Equitone panels!

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