Choose your color and shape

Everyone has their own favorite color which describes their character best. It is the same with a house. Every house has a different character and different colors and sizes suit only that house. Nowadays you just need to use all of your creativity and you will find a lot of materials which will help you to realize even your craziest ideas.

Choose your color and shape 1
Choose your color and shape 1

Different shapes of slates can even change the form of a house. Diamond shape slates can make a house look even taller, while double decking slates can make a house look bigger. Some shapes of slates are suitable both for the roof and the facade, so you can create a unified look and feel of the house, which will be completely wrapped with slates. 

Choose your color and shape 2
Choose your color and shape 2

Slates have a wide variety of colors. The range goes from classical to modern colors, from cold to warm shades. You can wrap your house with slates of all one color or you can combine two or more colors - everything depends on your creative solution. Do not be afraid to use your imagination. And create the house of your dreams, because the shapes and colors of the slates allow you to do that.


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