Wrap your home with slates

In Baltic landscape you will discover a lot of different styles of house decoration with different building materials and techniques for roofs and facades. A fairly new technique is wrapping the entire building with slates. The roof continues through the facade and instantly gives your home a completely new look.

Wrap your house with slates 1
Wrap your house with slates 1

In addition to a roof covering, fiber cement slates can also be used for the entire construction of your house. In this way they hide imperfections or aging signs of the facade and give a modern new look to the building. An important asset is that there is no loss of water tightness, frost or weather resistance.

Wrap your house with slates 2
Wrap your house with slates 2

You will be surprised by the optical effect you can create with fiber cement slates. By choosing a particular color or pattern, you give your home a clear personality. In addition, the slates can also do something for your home as a whole. For example, a well-chosen color and pattern can make a solid construction look optically lighter. And of course, the reverse is also possible. 


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