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A new house? Renovation of your roof or facade? With Eternit you choose a reliable partner with more than a century of experience in building materials. The result? Sustainable materials made from natural raw materials that require little maintenance and which we enjoy with great guarantees. We extensively test all our materials by exposing them to extreme conditions. This ensures that your roof and / or façade will look beautiful even after 20 years. We even go one step further and are fully committed to green materials with integrated solar panels.
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Corrugated sheets for an aesthetic look

Architectural cladding with EQUITONE

Timeless look with Cedral sidings


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Our materials

Thanks to our varied range of roof tiles, you will certainly find what you want: clay or concrete, flat or corrugated, traditional or contemporary, economical and ecological ... or prefer slate? With the many formats, colors and installation methods you give a personal touch to your roof and facade, and they are the perfect partner for your renovation. Or opt for the architectural strength of EQUITONE, unique façade panels with a tough and sleek appearance. Cedral sidings give your home a timelessly beautiful look, with or without wood structure for perfect integration into the environment.



Reference photos and product information are of course already a source of information, but perhaps you would really like to take the slate or roof tile into your hands and view the color in the daylight? Good news! You can request free samples of our products in a simple way.

How? Go to the product of your choice in our product overview, then add the desired samples by clicking on the shopping basket and then finish your order. The requested samples will come your way soon.

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Our ecological solutions

To ensure the best quality, we mainly work with natural raw materials that require little maintenance. And thanks to our products, you also contribute to the environment (and your wallet).

Do it yourself

Especially our Cedral sidings are easy to place yourself. We will of course provide the necessary instructions and your dealer will be happy to assist you.

For EQUITONE facade panels we recommend a specialist, so ventilation is correct and you enjoy years of results.

No fear of heights?
Then you can either place or slates yourself, but keep in mind that you have to meet a lot of technical requirements.

Still prefer a professional?
Then choose someone who regularly works with the material of your choice and ask for references so that you can take a look. Also ask for information to neighbors, family and friends: who did they choose? Are they still satisfied?

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