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Of course you attach great importance to the well-being of your animals or you want to permanently guarantee the quality of your stored goods. The fiber cement corrugated sheets from Eternit create ideal conditions.


  • We have been your reliable partner for more than 20 years, and so we know your needs like no other
  • Get advice tailored by our experts and always make the right choice
  • We help with the remediation or renovation of your stable or warehouse by bringing you in contact with the right partners
  • Corrugated sheets contribute to the best climate, so your return is optimized
  • Corrugated sheets are very durable and are therefore still the most commonly used


With the Eternit Baltic corrugated sheets you choose a roof that focuses on the welfare of people and animals. The unique properties of our corrugated sheets are the best guarantee for a building with a long service life.

Eternit AGRO

Eternit AGRO

Eternit AGRO PRO

Eternit AGRO PRO


Do you have to insulate the roof of a stable or shed or not? The current price pressure in agriculture is forcing smart investments. Eternit already thinks along with you and devised different solutions for the roof with corrugated sheets, with or without insulation depending on the application.


Corrugated sheets are the solution for pigs, because they do not rust. For pigs, it is recommended to completely isolate the barn. This is easy under the purlin, so you create an airtight building and avoid condensation. Moreover, the dirt is easy to remove with a pressure washer.


Milk and cattle is not sensitive to cold, so isolation is in principle not necessary. It is more important to ventilate than to isolate against heat stress. The choice usually goes to an open stable, and thus the heat comes in. Insulation would keep them inside and ventilation is the solution. In young cattle, it is important to insulate under the purlin to avoid cold and disease in the calves.


Chicken stalls are usually heated. In order to keep the humidity and temperature under control, complete isolation is therefore absolutely recommended. Because regular thorough cleaning is required and for the best circulation of air, it is best to insulate under the purlin.


You do not have to insulate for riding halls because horses can retain their heat for a long time. A complete isolation is indicated for stables. Isolating under the purlin is optimal to optimize the ventilation, but above the purlin offers a cheaper alternative. Horses love corrugated sheets because they transmit much less noise.


There are many different requirements for warehouses. If your goods are not sensitive to temperature fluctuations, isolation is completely unnecessary, such as cocoa or grain. When the warehouse is cooled or heated, insulation is recommended, such as potatoes and onions. In aggressive environments (such as wood and paper storage) corrugated sheets without insulation already offer sufficient protection.

Why no steel?

Compared with steel or sandwich panels, corrugated sheets offer many advantages that promote the welfare of your animals and the quality of your goods.
Reduce the stress in animals by choosing a sound-absorbing product. In case of heavy rainfall the sound under our corrugated sheets sounds up to 2x softer than with a metal roof construction, with or without insulation.
Fiber cement is an incombustible material. The fire safety of our corrugated sheets benefits the safety of humans and animals.
Fiber cement does not rot, does not rust and is insensitive to fungi, bacteria, vermin and chemical influences. An ideal environment for your animals and goods.
Fiber cement is a natural breathable material that minimizes condensation and does not give rust formation a chance. Stress in animals due to falling drops of condensate is kept to the absolute minimum.

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