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Roof or facade installer? Eternit offers a lot of useful tools, technical documents and benefits that you can discover here.

The benefits of Eternit Baltic

  • Placement guides and technical guides for all our products
  • Technical support on site if necessary
  • Guarantee on the life and aging of our products


Eternit Batic offers a lot of handy tools that help you deliver qualitative work.

Calculate the estimate needed for corrugated sheets.

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Calculate all amount needed  with 3D calculator and order materials

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Get free professional consultation about your project.

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Would you like to see how we install our products and what to pay attention to? Our videos help you on your way.

Advantages of roofing materials

Price of the roof


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Eternit academy organizes training not only for partners but also for installers, designers, architects and other specialists. If there is a need, we can organize training for house owners, who want to know how to install roof or facade themselves.

Eternit academy organizes these training:

  • Theoretical training about product technical specifications;
  • Practical installation training;
  • Theoretical estimate calculation training + exam after which you can get a certificate.
    • Eternit academy provides possibility not only to attend in already planned training but also to book time for new training.


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