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Corrugated sheets

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Corrugated sheets are safe roofing material without asbestos, produced from cement, limestone, cellulose, water and PVA, which has substituted asbestos. Fiber cement has great resistance to environmental and durability indicators, for this reason the roof cover will protect your roof for a long time, will not require additional maintenance, and will be aesthetically pleasing.

Corrugated sheets have been produced in the only factory in the Baltic countries, in Naujoji Akmenė for more than 20 years.


We trust our products produced in new factory, for this reason we give sufficient warranties.

For installing corrugated sheets no special tools or knowledge are needed.

Corrugated sheets do not make noise during rain or hail.

"Eternit Baltic" corrugated sheets are nonflammable (A1 flammability class).

Corrugated sheets are "breathing" and diffusive. It is extremely important for improving ventilation and longevity of roof construction.

They are acid and alkali resistant.

"Eternit Baltic" corrugated sheets do not extract any harmful materials to environment.

CS samples

Corrugated sheets samples

CS samples

Planning a construction but cannot choose a right material for your roof? Order up to 3 free corrugated sheets samples and make your final decision. It is completely free!

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